D&T Solutions s.r.o.

“Technological design is one of the basic activities in the process of preparation, innovation, modernisation or reconstruction of technological and industrial plants.”

Our project and engineering activities in the field of technological designing are focused on the development of all stages of project documentation (studies, projects for building permits, implementation projects) of industrial buildings, production plants and technological units. On the basis of customers’ requirements, we are able to prepare complete project documentation of industrial buildings, i.e. the technological part of buildings, including the relevant operational files, documentation of the construction part, documentation of the electrical part up to the fire safety project of the proposed buildings.

We are engaged in the design of technologies for mining and processing of coal, ores and mineral raw materials, metallurgical plants, foundries, heavy and light engineering production, chemical and medical industry plants, consumer and food industry plants, and washing plants. (These plants are described in more detail in Section 3. Detailed design of workplaces in the right menu of this page).

We carry out industrial design:

When building a new plant or business operation

where our project documentation is part of the full pre-project or project documentation

In the framework of rationalisation projects

to ensure the reconstruction of production facilities and systems, optimization of production and material flows, higher utilization of existing capacities by uncovering reserves, use of progressive technologies, minimization of wastage times, etc.

Our company carries out design work in the field of design, planning and optimization:

  • the time structure of the production process

  • the spatial structure of the production process


D&T Solutions s.r.o.

In the implementation of technology projects

in addition to classical technological methodologies of industrial design and optimization of production flows, we also use the latest scientific and technical knowledge so that the resulting project is the most optimal solution for your company. Proof of this is that we were the first in Central Europe to implement a production workplace layout according to the one-piece-flow concept, which is extremely advantageous for companies with a serial production character. This solution brings significant economic, organisational, material and time savings to the company.