D&T Solutions s.r.o.

Our company will provide you in the field of HVAC, exhaust, ventilation and air conditioning complex processing of project documentation of all stages:

  • studies

  • projects for building permits

  • complete implementation projects

We focus primarily on solutions:

Industrial air conditioning

Design and projection:

  • complex solutions of air-conditioning and exhaust for industrial and production plants

  • capture and filtration systems for emissions and dust particles

  • desulphurisation systems, adsorption

  • complex heating and ventilation air systems for industrial plants, including recuperation

Comfort HVAC

Design and projection:

  • complex ventilation and air-conditioning systems for residential construction

  • complex ventilation and air-conditioning systems for commercial premises

  • cooling, heating and air recovery

  • systems for maintaining the required room humidity and temperature

  • measurement and control of air handling systems