D&T Solutions s.r.o.

In the field of design of equipment, technologies and technological plants for environmental protection and waste treatment, we provide complete engineering and project activities

from plans, obtaining the IPKZ, design documentation for the building permit to the implementation documentation. Individual designs are always based on specific customer requirements and are adapted and solved to specific technical problems or assignments.

Our main focus is on designing:

Air protection technologies and equipment

are always designed and sized for specific pollutants, their volume or mass flow rate of pollutant air, their temperature, pressure and inlet concentration.

  • settling devices for dispersed solid and liquid particles and aerosols

  • gas and vapour sorption equipment

  • thermal and catalytic oxidation and reduction gas capture systems

  • vapour condensation systems

Water and wastewater treatment technologies

design of equipment and technologies using:

  • physical and physicochemical processes (sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, membrane systems, distillation, adsorption and flotation)

  • biological processes (aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment plants)

  • chemical processes (oxidation, neutralisation, precipitation, reduction, combustion)

Waste recovery and disposal technologies

design of technological lines and plants:

  • separation and recycling of secondary raw materials

  • the production of solid alternative fuels from waste

  • aerobic fermentation

  • thermal and thermal treatment of waste

  • biodegradation areas

  • solidification lines for waste treatment